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Table 6 Psychometric properties of the NeckPix®

From: Patient-reported outcome measures for non-specific neck pain validated in the Italian-language: a systematic review

Authors, year (language) Population Sample size Dimensionality Internal consistency Reliability Validity Responsiveness
Distribution-based methods Anchor-based methods
Monticone et al, 2014 (Italian) [84] Chronic NP
(>12 weeks)
118 1 factor α = .95 ICC = .98 (95 % CI .97–.98) rp = .76 TSK
rp = .58 PCS
rp = .52 NDI
rp = .45 NRS
  1. α Cronbach’s alpha, CI confidence interval, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, NP neck pain, NDI neck disability index, NRS numeric rating scale, PCS pain catastrophizing scale, r p Pearson’s correlation coefficient, TSK tampa scale for kinesiophobia