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Table 1 Summarised interview guide informed by findings from the quantitative survey and literature search

From: Physiotherapists perceived role in managing anxiety in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a mixed-methods study

Questions informed by the literature search:
- Questions related to the impact of anxiety on the rehabilitation process including perceived barriers
- Attitudes towards physiotherapists having a role in managing anxiety and psychological wellbeing in PwMS during the rehabilitation process
- How the profession can move to consider psychological aspects of health and wellbeing in PwMS and other neurological conditions/in neurological rehabilitation settings
Questions informed by the quantitative survey:
- Exploring prioritisation of anxiety, depression and stress.
- Having high expectations of others vs. what patients expect from physiotherapy in relation to physical and psychological wellbeing
- Issues associated with trouble concentrating, worry and avoidance during the rehabilitation process and how these are managed clinically
- Exploration of physiotherapists feeling comfortable asking about mental health but less comfortable acting on disclosures
- Effective treatment approaches to managing anxiety in PwMS and useful interventions/training/skills for improving in this area in the future
- Exploration of psychological content of training and moving forward in this area