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Table 4 Participants' content analyzed used relevant assessments (multiple answers possible)

From: Physiotherapeutic evaluation of patients with post COVID-19 condition: current use of measuring instruments by physiotherapists working in Austria and South Tyrol

Assessment category n=73 %
(a) Evaluation of physical function
 6MWT 33 45.2
 Strength tests 18 24.7
 Timed Up and Go 8 11.0
 BORG Scale 7 9.6
(b) Evaluation of respiratory function 33 45.2
(c) Evaluation of quality of life 12 16.4
(d) Evaluation of activities of daily living 6 8.2
(e) Evaluation of cognitive function 2 2.7
  1. Abbreviations: n (sample size), % (percent), a-e (assessment categories)