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Table 3 Breakdown of the number (out of a total of 122) and percentage of ICF-CY domains (alongside the occupational performance components, areas and roles) in the identified priorities

From: Daily functional electrical stimulation during everyday walking activities improves performance and satisfaction in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial

Body Structure and Function Performance Components N %
 Strength 15  
 Balance 4  
 ROM 1  
Sensory 1  
 Leg pain 1  
  Sub Total 17 %
Activities Occupational Performance area   
Functional Mobility   
 Improve walking mechanics 32  
 Improve walking endurance 6  
 Improve running 14  
 Improve high level gross motor skills 7  
  Sub Total 49 %
Occupational performance; role competence   
Community mobility   
 Reduce falls 7  
 Reduce trips 4  
Active Recreation   
 Keep up with friends 10  
 Improve sport performance 17  
  Sub Total 31 %
Environmental/Personal Factors
 Wear certain kinds of shoes 3  
 Not need AFO 1  
  Sub Total 3 %