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  1. The role of rehabilitation after surgery in patients with low back pain is well recognized. The aim of this systematic review is to summarize and update the existing evidence according to the type of clinical ...

    Authors: Tiziana Manni, Nicola Ferri, Carla Vanti, Silvano Ferrari, Ilaria Cuoghi, Claudia Gaeta, Isabella Sgaravatti and Paolo Pillastrini
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:21
  2. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is being rapidly adopted by the Italian physiotherapy community, although a knowledge gap persists at clinical level with consequent lack of integration of EBP into ground roots p...

    Authors: Leonardo Piano, Alessandro Chiarotto, Marco Mascarello, Andrea Turolla, Simone Cecchetto, Silvia Gianola and Greta Castellini
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:19
  3. Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Current treatment supports coping strategies to improve health-related quality of life (HRQoL). The need to predict response to treatment has been rai...

    Authors: Karin Sturesdotter Åkesson, Anne Sundén, Kjerstin Stigmar, Frida Eek, Teresa Pawlikowska and Eva Ekvall Hansson
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:18
  4. People with neuropathic-like symptoms had more unfavourable pain features than people with nociceptive. Moreover, deficient conditioned pain modulation is common in people with neuropathic-like symptoms. PainD...

    Authors: Juliana Valentim Bittencourt, Eduardo Gallas Leivas, Arthur de Sá Ferreira and Leandro Alberto Calazans Nogueira
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:17
  5. Learning more about the physiotherapists’ experience, perceived role and perception of events during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as their recovery and projection into the post-crisis future, may be useful to ...

    Authors: Claude Pichonnaz and Rose-Anna Foley
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:16
  6. Neck pain is one of the leading causes of years lived with disability, and approximately half of people with neck pain experience recurrent episodes. Deficits in the sensorimotor system can persist even after ...

    Authors: Simone Elsig, Lara Allet, Caroline Henrice Germaine Bastiaenen, Rob de Bie and Roger Hilfiker
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:15
  7. Mechanisms reflect the steps or processes through which an intervention unfolds and produces change in a specified outcome variable. Mechanisms are responsible for determining “how treatments work” which has e...

    Authors: Amy W. McDevitt, Bryan O’Halloran and Chad E. Cook
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:14
  8. The incidence of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA) and Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (RTSA) is constantly increasing. As a result, the interest in post-surgical rehabilitation has grown, since it is cruc...

    Authors: Fabrizio Brindisino, Mariangela Lorusso, Michele Usai, Leonardo Pellicciari, Sharon Marruganti and Mattia Salomon
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:12
  9. Clinically, neck pain disorders (NPD) and non-specific low back pain (NS-LBP) are respectively the fourth and first most common conditions associated with the greatest number of years lived with disability. Re...

    Authors: Eran Orr, Tal Arbel, Miki Levy, Yaron Sela, Omer Weissberger, Omer Liran and Jeremy Lewis
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:11
  10. The reaching-transporting task as an essential daily activity impacts balance control and falling in older women. This study investigated the different muscle strategies during the head/knee level of the funct...

    Authors: Marzie Hatami, Giti Torkaman, Mohammad Najafi Ashtiani and Sanaz Mohebi
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:10
  11. The purpose of this study was to describe the diagnostic performance of the Neuropathic Pain Subscale of McGill [NP-MPQ (SF-2)] and the Self-Administered Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs (S-L...

    Authors: Dragana Boljanovic-Susic, Christina Ziebart, Joy MacDermid, Justin de Beer, Danielle Petruccelli and Linda J. Woodhouse
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:9
  12. Trustworthy, preprocessed sources of evidence, such as systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines, are crucial for practicing clinicians. Confidence in estimated effects is related to how different the o...

    Authors: Sean P. Riley, Brian T. Swanson and Chad E. Cook
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:8
  13. To translate and cross-culturally adapt into Brazilian-Portuguese, and to test the measurement properties of the following items of implementation outcome measures: Acceptability of Intervention Measure (AIM),...

    Authors: Iuri Fioratti, Verônica S. Santos, Lívia G. Fernandes, Karina A. Rodrigues, Renato J. Soares and Bruno T. Saragiotto
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:7
  14. Several factors can influence the outcome after a distal radius fracture (DRF). The aim of this study was to assess whether postoperative pulp-to-palm (PTP) distance correlated with functional outcomes after p...

    Authors: Hugo Jakobsson, Eva Lundqvist, Per Wretenberg and Marcus Sagerfors
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:6
  15. The rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common injuries of the knee. Women have a higher injury rate for ACL ruptures than men. Various indicators for this sex-specific differenc...

    Authors: Martina Steiner, Heiner Baur and Angela Blasimann
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:4
  16. There is a lack of knowledge about the ways physiotherapists around the world learn about professional code of ethics and ethical decision-making frameworks. The profession has a gap in the understanding about...

    Authors: Andrea Sturm, Roswith Roth and Amanda Louise Ager
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:3
  17. Given the rapid advances in communication technology and the need that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth initiatives have been widely used worldwide. This masterclass aims to provide an overview o...

    Authors: Marina P. Baroni, Maria Fernanda A. Jacob, Wesley R. Rios, Junior V. Fandim, Lívia G. Fernandes, Pedro I. Chaves, Iuri Fioratti and Bruno T. Saragiotto
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:1
  18. The Five Times Sit-to-Stand Test (FTSST) has been found reliable, safe and valid for measuring healthy adults’ lower limb muscle strength and for determining balance control, fall risk, and exercise capacity a...

    Authors: Thiago Araújo de Melo, Fernando Silva Guimarães and José Roberto Lapa e Silva
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 13:2

    The Correction to this article has been published in Archives of Physiotherapy 2023 13:5

  19. Understanding what an economic evaluation is, how to interpret it, and what it means for making choices in a health delivery context is necessary to contribute to decisions about healthcare resource allocation...

    Authors: J. Haxby Abbott, Ross Wilson, Yana Pryymachenko, Saurab Sharma, Anupa Pathak and Jason Y. Y. Chua
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:28
  20. The Cervical Flexion-Rotation Test (CFRT) is widely used in the assessment of upper cervical spine mobility impairments and in the diagnosis of cervicogenic headache (CGH) by physiotherapist. Many studies inve...

    Authors: Jean-Philippe Paquin, Jean-Pierre Dumas, Thomas Gérard and Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:26
  21. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are tools to screen a population, to monitor the subjective progress of a therapy, to enable patient-centred care and to evaluate the quality of care. The QUALITOUCH A...

    Authors: Mias Zaugg, Heiner Baur and Kai-Uwe Schmitt
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:27
  22. Pain affects everyone hence one can argue that it is in each individual’s interest to understand pain in order to hold correct and adaptive beliefs and attitudes about pain. In addition, chronic pain is reachi...

    Authors: Kelly Ickmans, Emma Rheel, Juliana Rezende and Felipe José Jandre Reis
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:25
  23. A growing scientific evidence for conservative treatment of AIS has recently proved that bracing is superior to natural history. Our aim was to investigate the effectiveness of a combined treatment with brace ...

    Authors: Nikos Karavidas and Dionysios Tzatzaliaris
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:22
  24. The need for an efficient and feasible strategy to deal with neck pain has a high priority for many countries. Validated assessment tools like the Neck Disability Index (NDI) to evaluate the functional status ...

    Authors: Anke Langenfeld, Antonia Pia Gassner, Brigitte Wirth, Malin Beth Mühlemann, Luana Nyirö, Caroline Bastiaenen and Jaap Swanenburg
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:23
  25. Home exercise regimes are a well-utilised rehabilitation intervention for many conditions; however, adherence to prescribed programmes remains low. Digital interventions are recommended as an adjunct to face-t...

    Authors: Sabine Lang, Colin McLelland, Donnie MacDonald and David F. Hamilton
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:24
  26. The implementation of standardized assessments in physiotherapeutic practice strongly supports diagnostic and treatment plans. Previous studies reported insufficient usage of standardized assessments due to la...

    Authors: Claudia Spiegl, Natalia Schiefermeier-Mach, Erika Schifferegger, Claudia Wiederin and Barbara Scheiber
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:21
  27. To determine the effect of sustained natural apophyseal glide (SNAG) on Flexion Rotation Test, pain intensity, and functionality in subjects with Cervicogenic Headache (CH).

    Authors: Ricardo Cardoso, Adérito Seixas, Sandra Rodrigues, Isabel Moreira-Silva, Nuno Ventura, Joana Azevedo and Filippo Monsignori
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:20
  28. Scapular dyskinesis is reported as one of the potential factors contributing to the presentation of pain in subacromial shoulder pain. In clinical practice, the evaluation and control of scapular dyskinesis is...

    Authors: Zohreh Jafarian Tangrood, Gisela Sole and Daniel Cury Ribeiro
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:18
  29. Research has demonstrated an increased risk of falls after total hip arthroplasty (THA). Yet, people’s knowledge on falls risk factors and how falls prevention strategies are being used after THA have not been...

    Authors: Tony Adebero, Pavlos Bobos, Lyndsay Somerville, James Howard, Edward M. Vasarhelyi, Brent Lanting and Susan W. Hunter
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:16
  30. To compare the effects of neuromuscular training (NMT) to a quadriceps strength training (QT) program on co-contraction index (CCI) of knee muscles in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA).

    Authors: Shahzada Aadil Rashid, Mohammad Ejaz Hussain, Pooja Bhati, Zubia Veqar, Adila Parveen, Insha Amin and Shahzada Mudasir Rashid
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:19
  31. Intensive training can significantly reduce upper-limb impairments after stroke but delivering interventions of sufficiently high intensity is extremely difficult in routine practice. The MindPod Dolphin® syst...

    Authors: Rachel C. Stockley and Danielle L. Christian
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:15
  32. Causal mediation analysis is one way to bridge this gap by exploring the causal pathways of a given intervention. The aim of this study was to assess whether scapular motion, position, and periscapular muscle ...

    Authors: Gisele Harumi Hotta, Rafael Krasic Alaiti, Daniel Cury Ribeiro, Kevin James McQuade and Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:13
  33. Establishing the biopsychosocial profile of patients with low back pain (LBP) is essential to personalized care. The Pain and Disability Drivers Management model (PDDM) has been suggested as a useful framework...

    Authors: Florian Naye, Simon Décary and Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:14
  34. Currently, very little is known about the effects of an endurance high intensity interval training (HIIT) in chronic low back pain patients. Therefore, the feasibility and safety of the HIIT must be assessed f...

    Authors: Tamara Cerini, Roger Hilfiker, Thomas F. Riegler and Quinten T. M. Felsch
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:12
  35. Scapular stabilization exercises (SSE) are often included in the treatment of individuals with rotator cuff-related shoulder pain (RCRSP) to decrease pain and improve function. These SSE typically aim to stren...

    Authors: Marc-Olivier Dubé, Jasmine Arel, Philippe Paquette, Jean-Sébastien Roy, François Desmeules and Dany H. Gagnon
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:11
  36. Lack of effective peer-review process of predatory journals, resulting in more ambiguity in reporting, language and incomplete descriptions of processes might have an impact on the reliability of PEDro scale. ...

    Authors: Matteo Paci, Claudio Bianchini and Marco Baccini
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:10
  37. Musculoskeletal pain patients present similar pain characteristics regardless of the clinical diagnosis. PainDETECT questionnaire is useful for screening neuropathic-like symptoms in many musculoskeletal condi...

    Authors: Juliana Valentim Bittencourt, Márcia Cliton Bezerra, Mônica Rotondo Pina, Felipe José Jandre Reis, Arthur de Sá Ferreira and Leandro Alberto Calazans Nogueira
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:7
  38. Caesarean Section (CS) is associated with numerous post-operative problems. The current literature reveals that physiotherapy interventions such as pelvic floor rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation ...

    Authors: Kalani Weerasinghe, Mohamed Rishard, Subhani Brabaharan and Aysha Mohamed
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:4
  39. Anxiety is common for people with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS) and is higher in those with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and in community-based samples. Anxiety can impact self-efficacy, pain, fatigue, engagement...

    Authors: Lauren Lucas and Jack Parker
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:2
  40. Although laboratory studies demonstrate that training programmes using auditory rhythmical cueing (ARC) may improve gait post-stroke, few studies have evaluated this intervention in the home and outdoors where...

    Authors: Patricia McCue, Lisa Shaw, Silvia Del Din, Heather Hunter, Sue Lord, Christopher I. M. Price, Helen Rodgers, Lynn Rochester and Sarah A. Moore
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2022 12:1
  41. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) broke out in China in December 2019 and now is a pandemic all around the world. In Italy, Northern regions were hit the hardest during the first wave. We aim to explore the ...

    Authors: Simone Gambazza, Silvia Bargeri, Isabella Campanini, Roberto Meroni, Andrea Turolla, Greta Castellini and Silvia Gianola
    Citation: Archives of Physiotherapy 2021 11:30

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