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Table 21 (abstract P46) Characteristics of apps for physical therapists

From: 5th National Congress of the Italian Society of Physiotherapy

Authors App Platform Sensor Cost Description
Category: Balance      
Cerrito et al. (2015) - Android Accelerometer & magnetometer - Measure the sit-to-stand
Franco et al. (2013) iBalance-ABF iOS Accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer - Balance training through an integrated and configurable auditory-biofeedback loop
Gefen et al. (2015) iPhone Balance Application iOS Gyroscope - Balance training by interfering with the anticipatory processing of visual information
Patterson et al. (2014) SWAY Balance iOS Accelerometer Free Assessment of balance
Galán-Mercant et al. (2014) xSensor Pro iOS Accelerometer - Measure trunk accelerations in the Romberg Test
Category: Clinical test      
Ferretti et al. (2014) SmartJoint Android & iOS Accelerometer & gyroscope - Measure anterior tibial translation (Lachman Test)
Williams et al. (2013); Yoon et al. (2014) TiltMeter iOS - Free App to perform the Weight Bearing Lunge Test and Trochanteric Prominence Angle Test.
Category: Gait      
Capela et al. (2015) - BlackBerry Accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer - Measure the Six Minute Walk Test.
Isho et al. (2015) - Android Accelerometer - Measure trunk accelerations during gait
Nishiguchi et al. (2012) - Android Accelerometer - Gait analysis
Yamada et al. (2012) - Android Accelerometer - Gait analysis
Yang et al. (2012) - Android Accelerometer - Gait analysis
Cheng et al. (2013) GaitTrack Android Accelerometer - Measure the Six Minute Walk Test
Juen et al. (2014)
Yamada et al. (2011) RollingBall Android Accelerometer - Assess dual-tasking ability as prediction tool for risk of falls
Mellone et al. (2012) uTUG Android Accelerometer & gyroscope - Measure the Timed Up and Go Test
Galán-Mercant et al. (2013; 2014) xSensor Pro iOS Accelerometer - Ten Meters Extended Timed Get-Up-and-Go Test
Category: Goniometrics     
Johnson et al. (2015) - Android Magnetometer - Measure shoulder abduction
Yan et al. (2013) - Android Magnetometer - Measure shoulder ROM
Quek et al. (2014) - Android Accelerometer & magnetometer - Measure cervical ROM
Jenny (2013) Angle iOS Accelerometer - Measure knee flexion
Shin et al. (2012); Tousignant-Laflamme et al. (2013); Werner et al. (2013; 2014) Clinometer Android & iOS Accelerometer Android free, iOS 1,99 € Measure cervical shoulder ROM
Jacquot et al. (2012); Qiao et al. (2012) CobbMeter iOS Accelerometer 8,99 € Measure the Cobb angle on radiographs
Tousignant-Laflamme et al. (2013) Compass iOS Magnetometer Free Measure the cervical ROM
Ferriero et al. (2011; 2013); Jeon et al. (2013); Otter et al. (2015) DrGoniometer iOS Camera 11,99 € Measure elbow, knee and first metatarsophalangeal joint ROM
Mitchell et al. (2014) GetMyROM iOS Accelerometer 2,99 € Measure active shoulder external rotation
Wellmon et al. (2015) Goniometer Pro Android & iOS Accelerometer 14,99 € Measure ROM
Wellmon et al. (2015) Goniometer Records Android & iOS Accelerometer Free demo Measure ROM
Ege et al. (2013); Walter et al. (2013) Hallux Angles iOS Accelerometer & camera Free Radiographic measurements of hallux valgus angle, intermetatarsal angle, and distal metatarsal articular angle
Kolber et al. (2013); Salamh et al. (2014); Vohralik et al. (2014) iHandy Level iOS Accelerometer Free Measure ankle dorsiflexion, lumbar ROM and lordosis
Oïhénart et al. (2012) iShould iOS Accelerometer & gyroscope - Functional assessment of shoulder
Hambly et al. (2012); Ockendon et al. (2012); Milanese et al. (2014) Knee Goniometer iOS Accelerometer 4,99 € Measure knee ROM
Franko et al. (2012); Izatt et al. (2012); Balg et al. (2014); Qiao et al. (2014) Scoliogauge iOS Accelerometer - Measure trunk rotation in patients with idiopathic scoliosis.
Jones et al. (2014) Simple Goniometer iOS Accelerometer 0,99 € Knee ROM
Shaw et al. (2012) TiltmeterPro iOS - - Measure the Cobb angle on radiographs
Category: Pain      
De la Vega et al. (2014) Painometer Android & iOS - Free Assess pain intensity (Faces Pain Scale–Revised, Numerical Rating Scale, Coloured Analogue Scale, Visual Analog Scale)
Category: Tremor      
Arora et al. (2015) - Android Accelerometer, voice recorder, touch screen - Detection and monitoring of symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Daneault et al. (2013) - BlackBerry Accelerometer - Detection and monitoring of tremors
Joundi et al. (2011) iSeismo iOS Accelerometer Free Measure frequency of lower limbs tremor
Kostikis et al. (2014) iTremorSense Android & iOS Accelerometer & gyroscope Free Measure hands tremor